About Us

It all started with a vision, 

a vision that puts dream into reality.

Our story

In the year 1998, we’ve started to create our business with our experiences and skills. Having the skill of a carpenter (husband) and background in marketing and in sales (wife), the Jen and Ifer Furniture was conceptualized.

Due to the increasing number of satisfied customers, we’ve started to purchase our own machines – machines that help us improve our product - furniture of different types.

For fifteen years now, the furniture that we are producing become popular because of its quality and durability. Customers become familiar with how our furniture is made, they become dependable on us and even puts their trust in acquiring for their comfort.

Jen and Ifer Furniture provides customers with quality furniture made of hardwood like door panels, door jambs, sala sets, sofa, TV stands, vanity mirrors, dining tables, bed frames, and many more.

To ensure that customers will also enjoy and appreciate the beauty and comfort of having a furniture at home and in offices, Jen and Ifer Furniture also accepts customized designs and made to order furniture. Jen and Ifer Furniture, the trusted furniture shop in Butuan City.