A living room is a place in every home where family and friends gather and spend quality time together. It is used for relaxing and socializing.

Usually located near the main entrance at the front of the house and it is also used for various activities – a lively place to stay.

It is important for it to be well-designed and furnished with furniture and fixtures to enjoy and use. It is good that the furniture found in this area is durable and presentable because this place will mostly cater to visitors.

Having a durable furniture in the living room really matters. Thus, a wooden furniture made of a hardwood is more appropriate and suggested.

There are many types of wooden furniture that is appropriate and suited to be found in the living room.

Among this wooden furniture will include the following:

  • – Sala set;
  • – Sofa;
  • – Television stand; and
  • – Coffee table.

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